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Ashley wears Dipa


 Ashley models our Dipa tee and Erin cardigan. This is a beautiful color combination - elegant and cozy! The Dipa tee has a story of hope that is worth sharing. Named after an overcomer, Dipa is a 15 year old young lady in Nepal.


Dipa is of Hope.

At a young age, Dipa had to overcome many adversities.  Her father went to prison for an accidental car incident, and her stepfather was lost to an earthquake.  Another man came into her mother's life, but he had an alternate motive.  Dipa was taken away by that man and faced sexual violence and abusive threats from him.  Her mother connected with our non-profit partner, and they saved Dipa from enduring more misery.  At 15 years old today, Dipa is currently living happily with KI Nepal safe home where she is learning and developing skills.


Ashley models our Dipa tee.

Let's always turn to hope.

Inspired by her resilience, we encourage you to remember Dipa's strength as you wear your own elegantee. You can have hope in all things too, sister!

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March 14, 2019

Ashleigh wears Mira

Ashleigh is of Intention.

It can make all the difference to the world by having intention with the choices we make.  Ashleigh believes that we all have the power to be intentional with who we are; "Whatever is the thing that makes you do a happy dance, use it to make the world a better place."  As a small business owner of Sela Designs, Ashleigh makes beautiful pieces of jewelry with her passion of giving back to the world.

Ashleigh finds Elegantees perfect for someone who is always on the move. "I love that the Mira Tee is basic enough for everyday but it also has enough 'extra' in the sleeves and neckline to make it unique and more to my style.  The Mira tee can also be dressed up with a skirt for the weekend and a night out.  I love the versatility!"


The Mira tee in Black is cute with our Piper dhaka skirt.
Ashleigh also wears it tucked into jeans and dressed up with jewelry from her line Sela Designs.


Let's be intentional with the causes we care about.

Ashleigh shares: "I love wearing ethically made clothing, but Elegantees takes it to the next level by also being a cause based brand.  I love knowing that I can wear freedom.  Simply choosing to be intentional about my clothing purchases can make a world of difference." 

She also loves the mission of Elegantees - to use fashion to set women free to ultimately bridge the gap between bondage and a sustainable path to freedom.

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March 05, 2019

Megan wears Emerson

Megan is an Influencer.

As a teacher, a mother, and someone who is active on social media; Megan feels the responsibility of being a good influence to those around her.

Megan shares: "I always feel comfortable and put together in my Elegantees pieces, but even more importantly, I feel great knowing that I'm making a difference through my clothing.  I love to teach in them because they're comfy and cute, also in the middle of dressed up and casual -- right where I like it!"


Megan's tip for other mothers and teachers: "Wear tops that are long in the back because we have to do so much bending over on any given day!  For me, the Emerson tunic is perfect for this kind of active lifestyle!"


Megan is the teacher behind the Instagram handle @toocoolformiddleschool.
Based in the greater Los Angeles area, she's shining a light on injustice.


We all have a voice and a platform. Let's shine a light on the good.

Megan loves that her purchases with Elegantees keeps women employed, provides roads out of human trafficking, and shines a light to fair trade. 


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February 28, 2019

Megan wears Victoria

Megan is Joyful.

She feels joy in using her creative spirit to make beautiful things. With an inventive mind of her own, Megan runs her own jewelry business with Megan Craig Creative.  Her other creative obsessions include sewing, painting, and refinishing furniture. 

Megan shares: "Elegantees is the best of both worlds as far as fashion goes:  They're comfy, stylish, and affordable, but a lot of brands are that way.  What makes this sweet brand different is that Elegantees are ethically made with so much love and quality behind every single piece."

In the last stretch of pregnancy, Megan is wearing a non-maternity Elegantees dress. She testifies: "The Victoria dress also works well for maternity because it's stretchy with a wrap waist.  I sized up to fit over my growing baby bump and it looks lovely.  This dress makes me feel put together and pretty, yet completely comfortable.  I can't help but twirl in it!"

Megan reflects: "I'm pregnant with my third baby boy, and we've faced a lot of health challenges this time around.  I've felt a cloud over my head for much of this pregnancy, afraid for my baby's health and grieving the idea of a normal birth story.  As we cry and pray through this season, our struggle has turned to joy that we've been given another precious soul to care for.  My Victoria dress, in the most joyful coral color, is the perfect outfit to celebrate our beautiful baby boy!" 

Let's be joyful with hopeful anticipation.

Megan loves Elegantees because our clothing is ethically made with love and quality.  Megan enjoys reading the stories of women who made her Victoria dress and hearing how their lives have been transformed from her purchase.

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February 26, 2019

Valerie wears Olivia

Valerie is Adventurous. 

Valerie travels around the world.  When she is not on the plane, she teaches in the classroom and also loves to style her own fashion at home.

She proclaims: "The Elegantees clothing line is perfect for me - especially as someone who is always out and about!" 

Her love for the Olivia tee is obvious.  Valerie loves the light fabric and knot detail that enhances this basic tee.

Let's be fashionable to create adventures.

Valerie feels wonderful in Elegantees. "I am supporting against human trafficking and looking fabulous at the same time." Through ethical fashion, we can be adventurous with style, and bring empowerment to women in Nepal.  

All the hearts eyes for the fabric! 😍

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February 21, 2019

Natalie wears Willow

Natalie is for Growth.

She feels a positive energy whenever she wears Elegantees because it gives her hope for a world of growth. Natalie radiates in our Willow tee in pink clove. 

Natalie shares: "I love how versatile Elegantees are.  I can wear them to work, dressed up, or I can stay casual for the everyday. The clothing is perfect for every occasion." 


Let's plant seeds and see the world grow.

Natalie supports the opportunities that Elegantees provides for each woman involved. From new beginnings in Nepal to her opportunity to share the good works with others, it's possible to plant seeds. 

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February 19, 2019

Jen wears Sita

Jen is a Resource.

Jen is a resource within the ethical fashion community based in Austin, TX.  She connects with artisans to partner with developing countries to produce handbags for her company, Purse & Clutch.  She is constantly seeking opportunities to collaborate with others to share what it means to purchase with purpose.

She shares: "Elegantees is perfect for me because it is so comfortable!  I’m always reaching for items that are easy to wear but can also look professional and Elegantees always comes in handy for me with that.  The ones that I own are perfect items to layer for a polished yet effortless look."


Jen accessories our Sita tee in cool grey with accessories from her Austin-based company Purse & Clutch


Let's be resourceful with what we've been given, and give it to others.

Jen knows she is able to help provide employment for women in Nepal, as her purchase comes with greater purpose.  As someone who works in developing nations herself, she agrees: "I’ve seen firsthand the impact that a job can have. I want to support other brands who are choosing this type of community development."


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February 14, 2019

Kyra wears Tribeca

Kyra is of Integrity.

Kyra defines Integrity as "living a life in which all aspects upholds and represents one's values and ethics."  Kyra greatly admires those who live out integrity with authenticity and she is inspired to do the same.  Kyra is drawn to ethical fashion as the clothing are made with integrity.

Kyra is a photographer in Wisconsin and wears Elegantees.  She shares: "Every piece made by Elegantees are so carefully designed and offer something stunning.  This takes the stress out of styling for me, and lets the delicate details do the work of creating a great outfit."

Let's stand for integrity and make it a motto.

Kyra thinks fighting human trafficking through fashion is a powerful gift a brand can give a consumer.  At Elegantees, it's an honor to provide our customers transparency in our manufacturing as we hire women in Nepal to escape trafficking. 

The Tribeca dress:

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February 12, 2019

Rebecca wears Allison

Rebecca is an Inspirer.

Rebecca loves to inspire and be inspired.  She draws inspiration from her children, friends, clients, and herself. 

She shares: "Elegantees clothing are sophisticated, classic, and comfortable.  I am so proud of the brand.  These women are making something of themselves and they are making the world a better place for all of us.  I stand a little taller every time I wear Elegantees!"  


Let's inspire others to hope for better.

Rebecca loves that "we inspire hope to women in Nepal who have overcome human trafficking; hope for good in the world, hope for a better future, and hope for each other."


Fun Fact: Rebecca was our first customer EVER!

In September of 2010, Elegantees Founder Katie Martinez announced on Facebook that the first collection for the brand was live and ready to order. While in our first office (in her parents' basement), Katie jumped for joy when a notification came in. It said that this Rebecca from Texas, a stranger at the time, ordered a tee. She was our very first customer! Nobody has this inspiring woman beat for brand loyalty longevity. We keep going because of women like Rebecca, and women like you.



The Allison pocket tee:

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February 07, 2019

Alexis wears Peyton

Alexis is an Empowerer.

Alexis is an empowered woman constantly seeking opportunities to empower other women.  She works with Fashion & Compassion, a non-profit organization that provides ethically made jewelry in hopes to bring empowerment to a brighter future ahead. Before her move to Charlotte, NC, Alexis lived a year in Nepal helping a community of people make accessories.

Alexis describes the Peyton tee she is wearing as a perfect basic, easy to style in many ways.  She shares: "I feel empowered when I wear Elegantees because I know I get to be a part of their mission and be connected to women in Nepal. They are being given value through their access to dignified work with Elegantees."

 Let's empower each other.

Alexis love Elegantees because of our commitment to uplift women in Nepal through providing safe and dignified work for them.  She loves that she is able to help provide for these women and their families with Elegantees.


The Peyton tee:


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February 05, 2019