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Nikki wears Elyse

Nikki is a Dreamer.

From her enriching early education, Nikki was always inspired to be a big dreamer in knowing that we all have the opportunity to change the world in a positive way.  She understands that we don't have to be perfect at it but it does require that we show up in any way that we can.  As a Noonday Ambassador, Nikki sees a big beautiful world out there filled with dreams waiting to be pursued with courage and hope.

Nikki shares: "I personally love that each garment of Elegantees is so incredibly comfortable and also stands the test of time.  Made from the softest material ever and some of my favorite colors and patterns, each garment is made in a way where I can make the look my own, and feel so empowered in doing so.  It honestly makes me feel ready to take my own world-changing business to a whole new level.  It is that powerful.  Elegantees will always be one of my go-to companies for beautiful ethical fashion!" 


In love with the sleeve detail on the Elyse top, Nikki finds the style romantic and flattering for both casual and formal wear. 

Let's dream big.

Nikki loves knowing that her purchase is empowering women and giving them dignity, hope, and economic prosperity.  "Elegantees is connecting me as a consumer to the maker of my clothing.  It is a true testament to the power we have as consumers to be more conscious about what we are buying because when we know better we can do better." 

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April 30, 2019

Elizabeth wears Postiano

Elizabeth is Curious.

To connect in life, Elizabeth wants to always be curious about her feelings and experiences with the world and those around her.  She knows that this will allow her to see a greater purpose than herself.  Elizabeth believes that we all have a responsibility to love and celebrate one another as we are. 

Elizabeth shares: "I'm particular when selecting clothing to purchase - they need to be high quality and flexible.  It's important to me that I can wear something to work and at play and the cuts and styles of Elegantees can do just that.  I am not looking for trendy, but timeless and classic because I want my clothing purchases to last a long time, meaning they have the capability of being re-imagined for years to come." 

Always looking for opportunities to add to her wardrobe, the Postiano top is the perfect addition for Elizabeth.  "I really enjoy simple silhouettes with special details and I was drawn to the clean, architectural lines of the Postiano top and it's versatility.  It could easily be worn casually, professional, or dressed up for a night out." 

Let's be curious to know more.

Elizabeth loves to connect and with Elegantees, she is connected to the women in Nepal that created her clothes.  "Knowing the story behind the clothing that I am wearing keeps me in tune with the fact that my clothing is made by real people, with stories, families, loved ones, hopes and dreams.  It's easy to be disconnected from the items we come in contact with every day."  Elizabeth encourages us to connect in any way we can, even with our clothing purchases.

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April 23, 2019

Miranda wears Callie

Miranda is of Compassion.

As a young adult, her favorite way of showing compassion is being a role model for younger girls. This in pursuing dreams and instilling confidence within themselves. She brings smiles to others, as it brings a smile to herself also.

Miranda shares: "Being a college student, I need simple and stylish pieces to wear to class each day, such as this Elegantees outfit.  I love the Dipa tee because it is a transformable piece that can be dressed up or down. For the Callie skirt, it allows me to dress up and remain comfortable in a flowy soft material." 



The Callie skirt in Olive Grove is so darling with our Dipa tee in Navy

Let's go out of our way to show compassion.

Miranda loves how Elegantees brings a special message and meaning to each piece. "You are not just supporting a brand of clothing, but women who have overcome so much adversity and deserve a new beginning." 

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April 16, 2019

Emmy wears Sadie

Emmy is of Faith.

She believes that people matter and that humans ought to take care of one another. To Emmy, that means looking beyond our own wants and needs.  She shares her journey of fair fashion and ethical living in her blog, Good For Thought

Emmy shares: "When I wear Elegantees I do not just feel good, I feel as though my purchase is changing lives (because it is).  I love being able to share that with the people I come into contact with who comment on it.  Elegantees makes me feel as though not only do people matter, but I can contribute in fulfilling needs of the people who do not have what I have."

Let's choose to believe people matter.

Emmy mentions: "Elegantees is a company that is working hard and going out of their way to empower other people.  There are so many people focusing on the aspects of apparel that do not include the people who make them. However, with Elegantees, it’s not only about ethical treatment, but it’s about sustainability, giving those who are in the cycle of sex trafficking and poverty a way out, and making a difference."

Emmy loves the sleeves on the Sadie tee because it adds some fun and flair to a basic striped top.

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April 09, 2019

Kiera wears Jane

Kiera is an Advocate.

It is important for Kiera to acknowledge the privilege she has to advocate for others.  She and her husband seek practical ways to advocate - whether it is to support ethical companies, start uncomfortable conversations about social issues, or to participate in partnerships.  These small steps that Kiera takes are big in her mission to advocate for others in need.

Kiera shares: "I love all of the Elegantees pieces because you can dress them down and you can dress them up.  I enjoy that Elegantees has some more staple pieces that I can really take and make my own.  I absolutely love pieces that seem simple but have a interesting element to them, that’s always been my style.  Elegantees always make me feel extra confident and proud." 

Loving the wrap look on the Jane dress, Kiera especially likes the cute tie around the waist. 
She pairs the Jane with a dress shirt vest for a chic style.


The beautiful flutter sleeve on the Jane dress.  

Let's advocate for others.

Kiera shares: "The thing I love most about Elegantees is their mission to fight human trafficking.  That is so important.  I feel proud to wear this ethical brand because I know that my choice of clothing is making a difference.  I know supporting brands like Elegantees is an easy step we can all take to help with social issues as their mission is to put an end human trafficking."

Note about the color of the Jane dress: The Thunder Grey color Kiera is wearing is richer than it appears on the computer screen.


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April 02, 2019

Hannah wears Kennedy

As a stunning one piece style, the Kennedy dress in Burgundy is a perfect addition to Hannah's capsule wardrobe.


Hannah is a Giver.

In the chase of dreams, we need loving support to encourage us to reach great heights.  Hannah gives hope to those around her by empowering them to live out their biggest and brightest dreams.  "I believe it is my calling to use the gifts and resources I have to help others - more specifically giving hope and freedom to those trapped in human trafficking."

Hannah shares: "I love that I can style my Elegantees dressy or casual.  My favorite pairing is with Trades of Hope pieces. I know I can wear them over and over for years to come."

Let's give hope to others.

Hannah loves that Elegantees is an ethical fashion brand focused on fighting human trafficking and giving freedom to our seamstresses in Nepal.  "It’s very important to me to support the artisans behind my clothing.  When I wear Elegantees, I feel confident and proud to be wearing something an empowered women earned a fair wage while making it."

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March 26, 2019

Ashleigh wears Mira

Ashleigh is of Intention.

It can make all the difference to the world by having intention with the choices we make.  Ashleigh believes that we all have the power to be intentional with who we are; "Whatever is the thing that makes you do a happy dance, use it to make the world a better place."  As a small business owner of Sela Designs, Ashleigh makes beautiful pieces of jewelry with her passion of giving back to the world.

Ashleigh finds Elegantees perfect for someone who is always on the move. "I love that the Mira Tee is basic enough for everyday but it also has enough 'extra' in the sleeves and neckline to make it unique and more to my style.  The Mira tee can also be dressed up with a skirt for the weekend and a night out.  I love the versatility!"


The Mira tee in Black is cute with our Piper dhaka skirt.
Ashleigh also wears it tucked into jeans and dressed up with jewelry from her line Sela Designs.


Let's be intentional with the causes we care about.

Ashleigh shares: "I love wearing ethically made clothing, but Elegantees takes it to the next level by also being a cause based brand.  I love knowing that I can wear freedom.  Simply choosing to be intentional about my clothing purchases can make a world of difference." 

She also loves the mission of Elegantees - to use fashion to set women free to ultimately bridge the gap between bondage and a sustainable path to freedom.

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March 25, 2019

Ashley wears Dipa


 Ashley models our Dipa tee and Erin cardigan. This is a beautiful color combination - elegant and cozy! The Dipa tee has a story of hope that is worth sharing. Named after an overcomer, Dipa is a 15 year old young lady in Nepal.


Dipa is of Hope.

At a young age, Dipa had to overcome many adversities.  Her father went to prison for an accidental car incident, and her stepfather was lost to an earthquake.  Another man came into her mother's life, but he had an alternate motive.  Dipa was taken away by that man and faced sexual violence and abusive threats from him.  Her mother connected with our non-profit partner, and they saved Dipa from enduring more misery.  At 15 years old today, Dipa is currently living happily with Our Daughters safe home where she is learning and developing skills.


Ashley models our Dipa tee.

Let's always turn to hope.

Inspired by her resilience, we encourage you to remember Dipa's strength as you wear your own elegantee. You can have hope in all things too, sister!

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March 19, 2019

Megan wears Emerson

Megan is an Influencer.

As a teacher, a mother, and someone who is active on social media; Megan feels the responsibility of being a good influence to those around her.

Megan shares: "I always feel comfortable and put together in my Elegantees pieces, but even more importantly, I feel great knowing that I'm making a difference through my clothing.  I love to teach in them because they're comfy and cute, also in the middle of dressed up and casual -- right where I like it!"


Megan's tip for other mothers and teachers: "Wear tops that are long in the back because we have to do so much bending over on any given day!  For me, the Emerson tunic is perfect for this kind of active lifestyle!"


Megan is the teacher behind the Instagram handle @toocoolformiddleschool.
Based in the greater Los Angeles area, she's shining a light on injustice.


We all have a voice and a platform. Let's shine a light on the good.

Megan loves that her purchases with Elegantees keeps women employed, provides roads out of human trafficking, and shines a light to fair trade. 


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February 28, 2019

Megan wears Victoria

Megan is Joyful.

She feels joy in using her creative spirit to make beautiful things. With an inventive mind of her own, Megan runs her own jewelry business with Megan Craig Creative.  Her other creative obsessions include sewing, painting, and refinishing furniture. 

Megan shares: "Elegantees is the best of both worlds as far as fashion goes:  They're comfy, stylish, and affordable, but a lot of brands are that way.  What makes this sweet brand different is that Elegantees are ethically made with so much love and quality behind every single piece."

In the last stretch of pregnancy, Megan is wearing a non-maternity Elegantees dress. She testifies: "The Victoria dress also works well for maternity because it's stretchy with a wrap waist.  I sized up to fit over my growing baby bump and it looks lovely.  This dress makes me feel put together and pretty, yet completely comfortable.  I can't help but twirl in it!"

Megan reflects: "I'm pregnant with my third baby boy, and we've faced a lot of health challenges this time around.  I've felt a cloud over my head for much of this pregnancy, afraid for my baby's health and grieving the idea of a normal birth story.  As we cry and pray through this season, our struggle has turned to joy that we've been given another precious soul to care for.  My Victoria dress, in the most joyful coral color, is the perfect outfit to celebrate our beautiful baby boy!" 

Let's be joyful with hopeful anticipation.

Megan loves Elegantees because our clothing is ethically made with love and quality.  Megan enjoys reading the stories of women who made her Victoria dress and hearing how their lives have been transformed from her purchase.

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February 26, 2019