Restoring lives,
one elegant tee at a time.

Our dream is that girls in Nepal will no longer be viewed as a commodity.  Their bodies should not be sold for any reason.  Human trafficking continues because Nepal has little economic opportunity.  We believe providing meaningful jobs to women recovered from trafficking will allow overcomers  to remain free for life. 

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There's Hope and Redemption.

One of the seamstresses shares: I was the first daughter in my family and was often neglected in my culture. Now I am very happy to work here because before I thought that I could not do anything for myself. I was completely wrong. Now I can live for myself and support my family. I then accepted that life is beautiful. Sister, tell yourself everyday "I am beautifully made in God's image so never give up...." 

Years ago, another seamstress tried to go back home to her family, but they would not accept her. She felt shame and sadness, but the sewing work helped get her through. Earning more money than she needed; she sent money also to her family. They were so shocked in a good way that they not only accepted their daughter back as their own, they now believe in grace! The relationship was restored in a radical way.

New York inspired.
Ethically cut and sewn in Nepal.

Elegantees started as a New York fashion brand with intent to give profits to fight human trafficking.  We weren't planning to work in Nepal until we met a freedom-fighter with a vision to eliminate trafficking in Nepal through tackling poverty.  Opening a sewing center is a way to give rescued women meaningful work with a fair wage.  It was the missing piece to our brand - the restoration!  We leaped into it with faith, overcame challenges working in an undeveloped nation, and today we have 18 women (and counting) sewing full time.  Each time we hire another, an entire family is significantly more protected from the risk of being trafficked. 

Are our sewers paid fairly?   We wouldn't be doing this unless they were.  Each sewer earns between 2-3x minimum wage in Nepal.  This is a livable wage in Nepal.  They work 6 days per week (this is normal in Nepal), and they each get paid time off.

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Designing the Elegant Tee.

Hi, Katie Martinez here (Elegantees Founder)!

I designed Elegantees because shopping was hard. I needed tops that were pretty and comfortable, and with proper coverage. Having spent my life both on a farm in Iowa, and in the Fashion District of New York City, I’ve seen two extremes in the way women dress. A common approach is to avoid fashion altogether and wear the same tee and jeans/leggings daily. The other extreme is where there is so much emphasis on fashion that it becomes an identity. Elegantees is for the woman who seeks to find a balance between fashion and life, with a tee that looks like more than a tee.

I love to see relatable women of various sizes on our site and on social media. Our aim is to break away from the unrealistic standards of beauty. I believe that ideal beauty is an expression of something that comes from the inside. This confidence trumps an attempt to seduce that is commonly found in fashion photography. For styling and poses, we encourage simplicity with confidence as we coach our models. When a woman takes care of herself, and others with kindness, she's at the height of beauty. True beauty is in being clothed in strength and dignity. 

About Fabric Sourcing.

The colors made from conventional cotton was sourced locally in a fabric storehouse in Kathmandu, Nepal. However, we couldn't trace the specific origin. This kept us up at night because there are too many cases of human trafficking and exploitation in fabric supply. Then we found GOTS Certified Organic Cotton suppliers in India. The farmers who grow this cotton do not have to work with harmful chemicals that affect their health. They then sell it to a fabric mill in exchange for a livable and fair wage. We are proud that the organic cotton is not at all promoting exploitation, but it is ethically grown and traded! Another cool thing about GOTS fabric is the dyeing process is incredible - using things in nature to make the colors - and better for the environment.   Do we sell exclusively organic cotton? No, but we are making every effort to by the year 2020. If you wish to purchase only organic cotton, narrow down your search by browsing only organic.