Elizabeth wears Postiano

Elizabeth is Curious.

To connect in life, Elizabeth wants to always be curious about her feelings and experiences with the world and those around her.  She knows that this will allow her to see a greater purpose than herself.  Elizabeth believes that we all have a responsibility to love and celebrate one another as we are. 

Elizabeth shares: "I'm particular when selecting clothing to purchase - they need to be high quality and flexible.  It's important to me that I can wear something to work and at play and the cuts and styles of Elegantees can do just that.  I am not looking for trendy, but timeless and classic because I want my clothing purchases to last a long time, meaning they have the capability of being re-imagined for years to come." 

Always looking for opportunities to add to her wardrobe, the Postiano top is the perfect addition for Elizabeth.  "I really enjoy simple silhouettes with special details and I was drawn to the clean, architectural lines of the Postiano top and it's versatility.  It could easily be worn casually, professional, or dressed up for a night out." 

Let's be curious to know more.

Elizabeth loves to connect and with Elegantees, she is connected to the women in Nepal that created her clothes.  "Knowing the story behind the clothing that I am wearing keeps me in tune with the fact that my clothing is made by real people, with stories, families, loved ones, hopes and dreams.  It's easy to be disconnected from the items we come in contact with every day."  Elizabeth encourages us to connect in any way we can, even with our clothing purchases.

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