Emmy wears Sadie

Emmy is of Faith.

She believes that people matter and that humans ought to take care of one another. To Emmy, that means looking beyond our own wants and needs.  She shares her journey of fair fashion and ethical living in her blog, Good For Thought

Emmy shares: "When I wear Elegantees I do not just feel good, I feel as though my purchase is changing lives (because it is).  I love being able to share that with the people I come into contact with who comment on it.  Elegantees makes me feel as though not only do people matter, but I can contribute in fulfilling needs of the people who do not have what I have."

Let's choose to believe people matter.

Emmy mentions: "Elegantees is a company that is working hard and going out of their way to empower other people.  There are so many people focusing on the aspects of apparel that do not include the people who make them. However, with Elegantees, it’s not only about ethical treatment, but it’s about sustainability, giving those who are in the cycle of sex trafficking and poverty a way out, and making a difference."

Emmy loves the sleeves on the Sadie tee because it adds some fun and flair to a basic striped top.

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