Megan wears Emerson

Megan is an Influencer.

As a teacher, a mother, and someone who is active on social media; Megan feels the responsibility of being a good influence to those around her.

Megan shares: "I always feel comfortable and put together in my Elegantees pieces, but even more importantly, I feel great knowing that I'm making a difference through my clothing.  I love to teach in them because they're comfy and cute, also in the middle of dressed up and casual -- right where I like it!"


Megan's tip for other mothers and teachers: "Wear tops that are long in the back because we have to do so much bending over on any given day!  For me, the Emerson tunic is perfect for this kind of active lifestyle!"


Megan is the teacher behind the Instagram handle @toocoolformiddleschool.
Based in the greater Los Angeles area, she's shining a light on injustice.


We all have a voice and a platform. Let's shine a light on the good.

Megan loves that her purchases with Elegantees keeps women employed, provides roads out of human trafficking, and shines a light to fair trade. 


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