Rebecca wears Allison

Rebecca is an Inspirer.

Rebecca loves to inspire and be inspired.  She draws inspiration from her children, friends, clients, and herself. 

She shares: "Elegantees clothing are sophisticated, classic, and comfortable.  I am so proud of the brand.  These women are making something of themselves and they are making the world a better place for all of us.  I stand a little taller every time I wear Elegantees!"  


Let's inspire others to hope for better.

Rebecca loves that "we inspire hope to women in Nepal who have overcome human trafficking; hope for good in the world, hope for a better future, and hope for each other."


Fun Fact: Rebecca was our first customer EVER!

In September of 2010, Elegantees Founder Katie Martinez announced on Facebook that the first collection for the brand was live and ready to order. While in our first office (in her parents' basement), Katie jumped for joy when a notification came in. It said that this Rebecca from Texas, a stranger at the time, ordered a tee. She was our very first customer! Nobody has this inspiring woman beat for brand loyalty longevity. We keep going because of women like Rebecca, and women like you.



The Allison pocket tee:

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