Whitney wears Jolie

Whitney is an Advocate.

Along with parenting and working part-time, Whitney is also a human trafficking advocate.  She started the ethical shopping blog Purposefully Purchased.  Whitney desires to buy with intention in seeking out the best for all people involved in the making of the product.  

Whitney shares: "Through my faith I believe I have been purposefully purchased by God through the work of Jesus. I wish to be a good steward of everything I've been given.  A person is a person no matter how far they are from us. We share one heart for the world." 

Styling the Jolie top:

Whitney wears Elegantees because she can live her whole life in these clothes -- from special occasion to the absolute mundane. She can be comfortable, fashionable and socially conscious, all at the same time! 



Let's be purposeful with how we treat others each day.

Whitney shares:  "My favorite thing about Elegantees is they uncover the mystery of who is making our clothes. We know they are being treated as we would want to be treated - with appreciation, dignity and respect."  

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