Megan wears Victoria

Megan is Joyful.

She feels joy in using her creative spirit to make beautiful things. With an inventive mind of her own, Megan runs her own jewelry business with Megan Craig Creative.  Her other creative obsessions include sewing, painting, and refinishing furniture. 

Megan shares: "Elegantees is the best of both worlds as far as fashion goes:  They're comfy, stylish, and affordable, but a lot of brands are that way.  What makes this sweet brand different is that Elegantees are ethically made with so much love and quality behind every single piece."

In the last stretch of pregnancy, Megan is wearing a non-maternity Elegantees dress. She testifies: "The Victoria dress also works well for maternity because it's stretchy with a wrap waist.  I sized up to fit over my growing baby bump and it looks lovely.  This dress makes me feel put together and pretty, yet completely comfortable.  I can't help but twirl in it!"

Megan reflects: "I'm pregnant with my third baby boy, and we've faced a lot of health challenges this time around.  I've felt a cloud over my head for much of this pregnancy, afraid for my baby's health and grieving the idea of a normal birth story.  As we cry and pray through this season, our struggle has turned to joy that we've been given another precious soul to care for.  My Victoria dress, in the most joyful coral color, is the perfect outfit to celebrate our beautiful baby boy!" 

Let's be joyful with hopeful anticipation.

Megan loves Elegantees because our clothing is ethically made with love and quality.  Megan enjoys reading the stories of women who made her Victoria dress and hearing how their lives have been transformed from her purchase.

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