Kiera wears Jane

Kiera is an Advocate.

It is important for Kiera to acknowledge the privilege she has to advocate for others.  She and her husband seek practical ways to advocate - whether it is to support ethical companies, start uncomfortable conversations about social issues, or to participate in partnerships.  These small steps that Kiera takes are big in her mission to advocate for others in need.

Kiera shares: "I love all of the Elegantees pieces because you can dress them down and you can dress them up.  I enjoy that Elegantees has some more staple pieces that I can really take and make my own.  I absolutely love pieces that seem simple but have a interesting element to them, that’s always been my style.  Elegantees always make me feel extra confident and proud." 

Loving the wrap look on the Jane dress, Kiera especially likes the cute tie around the waist. 
She pairs the Jane with a dress shirt vest for a chic style.


The beautiful flutter sleeve on the Jane dress.  

Let's advocate for others.

Kiera shares: "The thing I love most about Elegantees is their mission to fight human trafficking.  That is so important.  I feel proud to wear this ethical brand because I know that my choice of clothing is making a difference.  I know supporting brands like Elegantees is an easy step we can all take to help with social issues as their mission is to put an end human trafficking."

Note about the color of the Jane dress: The Thunder Grey color Kiera is wearing is richer than it appears on the computer screen.


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