Katie wears Layla

Katie is a Shifter.

Working in the fashion industry, it's important to be flexible and shift in new, sometimes unfamiliar, directions. Seasons change quickly in more than the literal sense in colors and silhouettes. It's the perception of value, the strategies that work, and the priorities that Katie continually adjusts to. 


Katie wears the Layla tank in Orchid Haze two ways. On the right, she wraps the sash around the waist and ties it in the back.


Let's reshift to receive the best outcome.

Katie, the Founder of Elegantees, says, "A few months ago, I had to let go of something that required a chunk of my time. I was on the edge about it because it wasn't necessarily a good or a bad thing, and it did produce fruit, but it had a limit. When I asked a friend for advise, she told me: 'Sometimes it's hard to let go of something good, but we must trust that God has something better in store.' She was right. I let it go, and now see clarity through the fog. While I don't know what the better thing is yet, I have faith it is to come. " 


 The Layla tank:

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