Nikki wears Elyse

Nikki is a Dreamer.

From her enriching early education, Nikki was always inspired to be a big dreamer in knowing that we all have the opportunity to change the world in a positive way.  She understands that we don't have to be perfect at it but it does require that we show up in any way that we can.  As a Noonday Ambassador, Nikki sees a big beautiful world out there filled with dreams waiting to be pursued with courage and hope.

Nikki shares: "I personally love that each garment of Elegantees is so incredibly comfortable and also stands the test of time.  Made from the softest material ever and some of my favorite colors and patterns, each garment is made in a way where I can make the look my own, and feel so empowered in doing so.  It honestly makes me feel ready to take my own world-changing business to a whole new level.  It is that powerful.  Elegantees will always be one of my go-to companies for beautiful ethical fashion!" 


In love with the sleeve detail on the Elyse top, Nikki finds the style romantic and flattering for both casual and formal wear. 

Let's dream big.

Nikki loves knowing that her purchase is empowering women and giving them dignity, hope, and economic prosperity.  "Elegantees is connecting me as a consumer to the maker of my clothing.  It is a true testament to the power we have as consumers to be more conscious about what we are buying because when we know better we can do better." 

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