As a customer, you invest in more than a new favorite shirt or dress.  You dream big with us to see human trafficking become a thing of the past.  We don't take that support lightly, and we carefully prioritize our mission to restore lives in Nepal with every dollar distribution we make.


We are proud to follow these fair-trade principles for our factory workers in Nepal:

  1. Workers are employed at their own free will.  
  2. Workers legally earn a living that is above minimum wage in Nepal, and it is considered a livable wage.
  3. Factory is designed to be a safe, non-crowded environment.  
  4. Workers at the Nepal factory have access to benefits such as health care, paid time off, paid holiday off, and they receive contributions to a retirement account.
  5. The hours worked per week are not unreasonably stressful to the well being of work-life balance.  In the event that additional hours are needful, overtime pay is given.
  6. No worker is under the age of 18. 

In addition to the above, seamstresses are paid based on the time they put in, not by piece-work.  This guarantees a livable wage for them even if they do not assemble as much as anticipated in any given day. 



Some of our designs are made in New York City in a factory in Queens. This has allowed us to have a more diverse offering of fabrics and designs that we can't pull off in Nepal. The factory is operated by paying workers by the hour (not by the piece).



Elegantees is a New York City based clothing company.  Our pop-up offices are in coffee shops and living rooms.  Katie is the founder and manages production and business.  Wildy designs and merchandises.  Additionally, our pattern-maker Jenna works remote from her computer.  Kelli is our wholesale coordinator and lives in the same city as our shipping warehouse in Iowa, where Beverly lovingly ships all orders. 

We don't boast about being 'fair trade' with our US-based designs and marketing team because the wages paid to our team here are lower than market value.  One day, when we are more profitable, we will increase those salaries.


Is Elegantees a Non-Profit Organization or a For-Profit?

Elegantees is a for-profit Limited Liability Company because we do not operate based on donations, but on revenue from clothing sales. Elegantees is strategically designed to employ, equip and empower those who make our clothing to fairly earn a living that they are worthy of.