Kyra wears Tribeca

Kyra is of Integrity.

Kyra defines Integrity as "living a life in which all aspects upholds and represents one's values and ethics."  Kyra greatly admires those who live out integrity with authenticity and she is inspired to do the same.  Kyra is drawn to ethical fashion as the clothing are made with integrity.

Kyra is a photographer in Wisconsin and wears Elegantees.  She shares: "Every piece made by Elegantees are so carefully designed and offer something stunning.  This takes the stress out of styling for me, and lets the delicate details do the work of creating a great outfit."

Let's stand for integrity and make it a motto.

Kyra thinks fighting human trafficking through fashion is a powerful gift a brand can give a consumer.  At Elegantees, it's an honor to provide our customers transparency in our manufacturing as we hire women in Nepal to escape trafficking. 

The Tribeca dress:

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