Each elegantee is made in Nepal with a lot of love. We have really kind people working with us. This is not only a workplace, this is like one big family too. Some girls who are working here never experienced their parents love, so we do love them. Thank you for supporting and sharing joy with us. 

The meaning behind our hashtag #SewnToRestore

One of the sewers shares: I was the first daughter in my family and was often neglected in my culture. Now I am very happy to work here because before I thought that I could not do anything for myself. I was completely wrong. Now I can live for myself and support my family. I then accepted that life is beautiful. Sister, tell yourself everyday "I am beautifully made in God's image so never give up...." 

Years ago, another sewer tried to go back home to her family, but they would not accept her. She felt shame and sadness, but the sewing work helped get her through. Earning more money than she needed; she sent money also to her family. In Nepali culture, it's a rare occurrence for a woman to earn and provide. Her family was so shocked in a good way that they not only accepted their daughter back as their own, they now believe in grace! The relationship was restored in a radical way.


Step Inside the Sewing Center

The sewing center is located south of Nepal's capital of Kathmandu inside a large house. It originally served as a safehouse for our non-profit partner. When we started giving sewing work, the sewing machines took over. The team does not live in the house, but commute back and forth daily to spend time with their families. Most of the staff is local in the community.

The above photo is from our beginning days when we had a team of only four workers. The man at the machine is named Madan, and continues to be influential with his decades of experience in sewing. He teaches each new worker and improves quality. The center has it's own electric generator because electricity is load-shedded each day in Nepal, and even more since the earthquakes of 2015. 

In 2016 we saw a growth in business and needed to hire more sewers, but there wasn't enough space to keep it comfortable. We succeeded in a fundraising campaign to fund renovations to add on to the space. The center is larger now and divided into rooms for storage, cutting fabric, sewing, and ironing/shipping. 



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