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Freedom from Sex Trafficking 

Sex trafficking is a form of slavery where people are coerced into prostitution. The overall root of this evil in countries like Nepal are poverty, lack of opportunity, and a desperation for acceptance. The motivation behind Elegantees is our desire to see an end to it.

Reducing Vulnerability through Opportunity

Tens of thousands of people disappear from Nepal each year. Human trafficking is a rampant problem, making Nepal rank high for trafficking worldwide. The best way to reduce trafficking in Nepal is to reduce the poverty through meaningful employment. A hand up, not a hand out. K.I.Nepal is a nonprofit organization that rescues over 20,000 women and children each year from being sold at the border of Nepal-India. Elegantees supports by offering employment to women they counsel with that are in need of skill training and employment. 

Sewing Can Restore Lives

The "elegant tee" was created by Katie Martinez in 2010 to merge her garment industry experience with entrepreneurship to fight trafficking. It's more than creating stylish clothing, but by opening doors for those rescued. We provide hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. The sewing center employs nearly 20 people for us who earn a positive and livable source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives.



Our Business Model

Elegantees is a for-profit company. We're a small-to-medium size business, with four paid staff in the US. Our crew is paid a reasonable and modest salary. Once we grow to a large size business with higher returns on profits, the profits will fund more rescue operations. In addition, all workers in the sewing center are paid a fair and liveable wage. They work normal hours, and their salary is more than double the local minimum wage.


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