Samantha wears Amara


Our Amara top with accessories from Well's Cooperative.


Samantha is a Mother.

One of her passions is being a mother to four sons. Her youngest son, Bodie, was born with Down Syndrome. She shares her story about the challenges and beauty: 

"We received Bodie's diagnosis when I was 21 weeks pregnant. There was grief. It was heavy and hard and overwhelming. It all boiled down to fear, I knew no one with Down Syndrome and I didn't know if I was capable of being enough.  As soon as I met my son (17.5 weeks later), I fell instantly in love.  While I was still intimidated by his diagnosis, I knew I would do anything and everything for him. And, it turns out, Bodie is awesome and funny and silly and amazing. He breaks boundaries and has taught me more than I ever could try to teach him." 



How to help with Down Syndrome:

Samantha said the most helpful thing for those who have similar struggles, is when people choose to love the family. Here's what that looks like to her:

  • It's okay to not have the right words, and not know what to do.
  • The people who push past the unfamiliarity and see that he is a sweet little boy.
  • When others see that he is not that different than other little boys.
  • Choosing to see that I'm not special - that I am just a Mama who has been given a different path.


Now for a close up! The crochet hem top that Samantha wears + accessories from her company: Wells Cooperative


Let's transform fear into love.

Samantha wants others to understand and know that Down Syndrome doesn't have to be scary. Down Syndrome is a diagnosis that goes along with a person. While it is big, it doesn't define them. Her son, Bodie, is still amazing as ever. 

Check out her Instagram for Bodie's fun dancing videos!

Samantha loves Elegantees because we are a company helping transform fear into love for those in Nepal. Elegantees provides fair wages to rescued women that gives them hope and redemption for a meaningful life.


Wells Cooperative is a company started by Samantha, and they're offering a 15% discount code BIGLOVE. Being Bodie's mom, she wanted help other children and families who also have struggled with health. She started the Wells Cooperative to provide opportunities to talented makers in support of fair wages. The jewelry is gorgeous, and pairs impeccably with elegantees (wink).