Raissa wears Ainslie

One of our tunics paired with black leggings and boots.


Raissa is a Listener.

Raissa loves fair trade because she knows that the artisans and makers are being paid fairly for their work.  She values the connection that she feels when she gets to know the whole story behind the products being made.  In her own boutique, Poppy's Boutique in Wausau, WI, Raissa carefully chooses to make sure they are sustainable and ethical.  It is important to her to research the brands she brings in to ensure that their production practices align with her beliefs of fair pay and treatment for those that make our products and clothing. 

Raissa layers with an Elegantees cardigan that isn't even online yet (but you can get it early in her store!)


Let's listen.

Raissa shares:  "Elegantees is truly a favorite brand of mine because they are hiring women who have been rescued from a life of slavery; giving these women a new start and creating a new story.  I am also really excited that they are using organic cotton in so many of their styles.  I love the simplicity, comfort, fit, and colors of the styles as well.  I always feel confident when I wear Elegantees!" 


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