Pinky wears Ariel


Our Ariel tunic paired with blue jeans and black laced boots.


Pinky is a Partner.

Pinky believes that there is power in a purchase.  She always strives to partner with brands with a similar belief that investment in people means a lot more than earning a quick dollar.  Pinky  joined the anti human trafficking movement back in 2012,  based on a quote that stated,  "A good can be sold once, but a human being can be sold multiple times."  Pinky holds that quote close to her heart as she would one day, want to be part of a world where that quote does not hold true anymore.  Pinky sees Elegantees as a brand helping to bring that statement into falsehood.

Pinky continues to contribute to social impact through managing community experience for volunteers in data science and artificial intelligence for social good.  Check out her personal page for her extensive work with social justice.


Let's partner together to invest in people.

Pinky loves Elegantees because we are a company that invests in people.  Elegantees hires survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal to sew our clothes and this gives them an opportunity to restore their lives for a greater meaning and purpose. 

Pinky shares:  "I love Elegantees because each piece represents someone's story, someone who is an overcomer.  When I wear Elegantees, each piece speaks more than just about me."

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