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Our Jane dress accessorized with gold jewelry and ankle boots.


Molly is a Dedicator.

Molly is passion-driven and dedicates herself to her values.  She runs her own blog and podcast  that seeks to inspire women to find joy, confidence, and purpose in their lives.  Molly wants others to know that they were created with a purpose for a purpose from her blog that features topics such as life, style, and fashion.


A close up to the flutter sleeve on the Jane dress.


Let's dedicate ourselves to our values.

Molly loves Elegantees because we are a company that is dedicated to our mission of restoring lives in Nepal for women who have overcome sex trafficking.  Similar to Molly, Elegantees seeks to inspire women to find joy, confidence, and purpose in their lives by our values of restoration and ethical fashion.

Molly shares:  "There is something for almost every shape and size with Elegantees.  I first fell in love with their fabrics and fit, but soon after I fell in love with their mission.  To know that just by making a purchase of a cute tee or a beautiful dress like this Jane dress, I know that the purchase is empowering the lives of women who have overcome."


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December 18, 2018 by Cathy Moy