Laurie wears Zuri

Our Zuri top layered over a black vest cardigan.


Laurie is a Connector.

As a busy working mom,  Laurie feels connected to herself whenever she can bring out her creative spirits through fashion.  She believes that fashion should combine comfort and style into one which ethical fashion does just that.  As Elegantees offers a wide selection of ethical fashion, Laurie loves how our tops are classy and easy to either dress up or down. 

Laurie styled the Zuri top with a fun necklace and light grey jeans.


Let's connect to those around us. 

Laurie supports the mission of Elegantees and feels well connected to the brand.  She is always excited to wear the new collections and share about what and who we are to others.  She enjoys how our styles remains relevant while being easily accessible and affordable. 

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Laurie loves Elegantees because we are an ethical fashion company that connects to those in Nepal who have overcome sex trafficking.  Elegantees provides restoration to the growing connections we have in Nepal as we are able to hire more women.