Katie wears Noelle

The Noelle top in Blue Night has bohemian details. A loose peasant blouse, styled with skinny jeans. 


Katie is a Believer.

She's the Founder of Elegantees, and knows, "There is more than what our eyes can see. The impossible can be possible!"

A month before she gave birth to her second child in 2016, she was told the sewing center in Nepal would close after the final collection. There was a lengthy trade strike between Nepal and India, so everything was challenging and expensive. Katie laid down the sewing center into God's hands, but did not lose hope that it would be the end. A few months later, the trade strike was lifted, and demand for Elegantees increased significantly. In fact, there was so much work that Katie had to do a fundraiser to build on to make room for more machines. The impossible can be possible!


Let's believe in impossible things.

When volume tripled from 2016 to 2017, Elegantees was able to increase the staff in Nepal by six workers that year. One day, we believe we'll hire hundreds, and restore many lives from human trafficking!


The Noelle top:

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