Joanna wears Cora + Addison

The Cora tee paired with our Addison skirt.


Joanna is a Designer.

Joanna runs a personal fashion blog and always dreamed of creating a fashion design for years.  She was inspired by her grandmother to sketch fashion ideas as a child.  Joanna never thought she could pursue this dream of hers until we invited her to collaborate a collection with us. 

Joanna is smiling big with knowing her clothes from Elegantees are designed with love. Photo Credits goes to Mike Fan Photography in Chicago.


Let's design with love.

Joanna shares: "There's something about wearing clothes that you know were designed with love and created with a mission and purpose that gives me confidence and makes me feel beautiful.  And knowing that I'm providing hope to someone with the simple act of purchasing a piece of clothing is amazing!"  

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