Jes wears Jessica

Jes is a Mompreneur.

Based in Los Angeles, Jessica Rey is a homeschooling mom to three, and she is the entrepreneur behind the swim wear brand Jessica Rey (they are very cute, check them out!). She often speaks about dignity. When Jes designs her modest suits for women and girls, she eloquently proclaims our own worth. 

Jes is also passionate about ethical manufacturing. Her fabrics are made from regenerated materials in Italy, and cut/sewn in Los Angeles. 


Let's stand for dignity.

Jessica Rey and Elegantees strive for 'ethical' because we value fair-wages and being mindful of others and the environment. Slavery is a problem worldwide, and millions of people are being exploited to make many things we buy. We can change that by how we spend our dollars.

Let's live a life of dignity - for ourselves and others. We are all worthy!



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