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Hope is a Comforter.

Hope spent time in New York City as an actress and curves model where she was able to overcome many struggles and other achievements.  While in the city that never sleeps, Hope's days were filled with castings, fittings, waitressing, and auditioning.  She shares: "Being a curve model in NYC has been a wonderful learning experience for myself; learning self love, trust, and patience.  Being healthy and happy with my body is extremely important to me."


Hope understands the importance of practicing self comfort in learning to love, trust, and have patience with ourselves through life. It had been a journey in finding what that means to her.  There have been times that modeling has hurt the work she did on self love, and other times that it has helped.  Hope says there is a give and take you need to have with yourself to accept the process.


Let's live in comfort.

A year ago, Hope modeled for us in our studio shoot while she was still in NYC.  She loves Elegantees because modeling was a special experience that left her inspired and encouraged.


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January 03, 2019 by Cathy Moy