Bethany wears Respect

Our Respect cardigan is worn over a tank and jeans, and finished off with boots from the The Root Collective.

Bethany is an Entrepreneur. 

She believes that nonprofits should refocus on building a future for those in need, but also create job opportunities for them. She started The Root Collective from seeing a problem unresolved with poverty and unemployment among the educated. Bethany faces roadblocks to keep going in Guatemala where her company's shoes are made. She then reminds herself why she started in the first place, and that alone is more than enough for Bethany.

Bethany loves how the Respect cardigan can easily upgrade any outfit - such as a simple black dress paired with boots.

Let's create change for a better world ahead.

Bethany loves Elegantees because we are a company helping with employing those in need.  We also love The Root Collective for doing the same thing!