Anna wears Rebekah

Anna dressed up for a holiday party in our Rebekah dress. Her accessories are from Designed For Joy - a brand based in Raleigh that helps those at risk of trafficking. 


Anna is an Overcomer.

Anna has been through a lot of hardship, but doesn't call herself a survivor - she's an overcomer. She defines an 'overcomer' as no longer being defined by what you experienced, but choosing to focus on what we ourselves bring to the world. It's embracing the amazing lives we can choose to live.  Often, the identity of 'overcomer' is associated with 'survivor,' but Anna sees the biggest difference between these two words is that 'overcomer' is the next step from being a 'survivor'. Survival signifies that you survived the hardships, but to overcome the past is to live free and now empowered. 


Anna layers the Rebekah dress with a pop of color in her shawl.


Anna uses her stories of overcoming to inspire others by the focus on love.  Anna found a great deal of redemption through her marriage with Nick, who she says is an example of God's love for her.  Nick loves Anna as an empowered woman as Anna continues to overcome life's obstacles. 

Anna believes that love redeems even in imperfections. She nails it: "Imperfections allows us to continue to grow and learn. They give us an opportunity to redefine our hardships to a greater meaning and purpose."


In the past years, Anna has been working as a speaker and consultant. She enjoys when her work with law attorneys and policy drafting concerns human trafficking. It gives her an opportunity to have conversations that can contribute towards putting an end to human trafficking. Anna has great passion to use ethical fashion design as a catalyst for change. She has worked with Elegantees in the past and continues to collaborate with us.  Anna especially loves being able to express herself and empowering other women through fashion design. 


Let's overcome the past with new hope ahead.

Anna loves Elegantees because we support overcomers to make clothing for other women to feel empowered as well.  Anna believes in the work to make women feel beautifully and wonderfully made through what they wear. 



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