Elegantees are a great "fit" in your store. Our designs are individually made by survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal and the USA. In providing sewing work, Elegantees gives a positive source of income that reinforces a healthy self-image, independence, and confidence. We'd love to place about 50-100 units in your store.  



No Competition with our Website

The items are from past seasons. They are no longer online because we are only able to have a certain number of products on the website at one time. So, these are the small quantities we had leftover. We use our best judgment on what will sell in your store and region as we pull your unique selection. They are chosen from items stored in our warehouse, which are also sold at local trunk shows and vendor shows in Dubuque, IA and New York City. There is no price competition with our website. Your customer can only get the item through you! 


Prices are Set by You

The wholesales prices are chosen based on the lowest price we had them online, with an additional 15% off. For example, the "Jacqueline" was originally marked $32.00, but it was marked down to $24.00. We sell it to you for $20.40 (15% off $24.00). The price ticket may say $24.00, but you are welcome to change that price if you wish to make it higher. If you change the price, do not write on the ticket, but use a new sticker and peel off the one we have. The ticket needs to be "clean" to be used again in case we get that item back - we can peel off a sticker, but can't "erase" writing. If preferred to use a ticket unique to your brand image, you are welcome to cut ours off (but save them for us).


Flexible Returns & Fast Replenishment

As we send items to you, you are invoiced for the wholesale price, but it is fully refundable on whatever items do not sell for you. It's like your buying them, but without risk because you can return them anytime up until 90 days after you receive it. This ensures our retailers are always successful. We'll cover shipping to you, and you cover shipping them back. Once a credit card, debit card, or paypal payment goes through our website, we'll ship to you right away. At the end of the 90 day selling season,  you can send those back to us and we'll issue a refund or credit. 

We hope for a long term relationship though, so we like to exchange items for new ones to try (instead of a return), and we are always here to replenish to keep a certain number in your store.