Be Social about Elegantees + Get Perks!

Our best marketing strategy is you! As a loyal supporter, you can now get rewarded for posting on Facebook or Instagram about Elegantees.  After 5 posts, you'll get to choose any top for $25, any tunic for $30, or any dress for $35.
No matter the size of your followers, it's easy to participate. Simply share your passion for the brand, designs, and mission as you're inspired to:

Facebook and Instagram

You don't have to prove that your followers are making purchases, but there’s a few requirements for posts to be counted:
  • Mention @Elegantees in the first sentence of the caption.
  • Provide a link in caption to help your followers find our site easily.
  • Each post has to get some likes or comments to show that it's interactive. 
  • Max of two (2) posts per week can be submitted.


  • Tag @elegantees. The story cannot be a shared post from your feed.
  • Explain in the story or series in the caption why you love the style you're wearing, or sharing about our work in Nepal. 
  • Maximum of one (1) IG story per week can be submitted. A story series (a post in stories that has 2+ posts read through) only count as a single post.

Submitting Posts

Text a screenshot of your posts to Heidi at 347-735-3753 (the Insiders official number).  It's preferred that you text as you go, rather than submit all 5 at once.  Either way works though! 

Meet Your Coach:


I'm Heidi Pettigrew and I'm the Insiders Coach! My husband and I have been married for 16 years and we make our home in the sunny desert of Arizona where we're raising our son and daughter.

My passion for fair trade and ethical fashion began about 6 years ago and it was about 2 years ago that I discovered Elegantees. I have been a loyal Elegantees customer since that first purchase and have built a wardrobe around these beautifully created pieces. I am passionate about creating jobs around the world and making sure that items are created by employees who are paid and treated fairly. I love looking cute and put together in my clothes, so knowing that these quality pieces are made by survivors of human trafficking made Elegantees my favorite brand long before I started working here!

We all have a voice and we all have influence, so I'm thankful for this group of amazing Insiders who are using their voice and influence to share about the lives that are being changed in Nepal while wearing clothes that make them feel beautiful.  Together we can be part of changing the world, one woman at a time!

Posting Tip #1: Create, Don't Share!

  • Sharing Elegantees posts from our Facebook page doesn't go far with how Facebook works.  Instead, create a post from scratch so your post will be seen by 10x as many people:

Posting Tip #2: Spell Out Links

  • Display links with click-bait.  Don't just copy/paste product links from our site and paste in a caption.  When you paste the products, you'll notice that the model's measurements are spelled out, and that isn't the greatest 'click bait.' Instead, type out (+) the name of the style.  Example: will generate a more attraction link caption, and take the viewer shopping to all the colors.  Like so:

Ideas for Posts 

Heidi will recommend topics and links to post with a regular text update.  But feel free to take the lead anytime with things like:
  • You wearing elegantees
  • Uploading a photo (or screenshot) from or our own posts
  • Sharing a link to our homepage
  • Casual discussion about ethical fashion, job creation, and other topics of relevance to tie in @elegantees


    Text Heidi to Get Started!

    Text a hello over so we can trade numbers (ours is 347-735-3753).  If you’re concerned about privacy or feeling spammed, be assured that your cell number is private, and there’s no pressure to reply to our occasional texts. 

    This is a designated iPhone that you can text screenshots of your posts to.  You can text them any time of the day since the phone is turned off during odd hours.  We will pop in with texts from time to time.  This phone is intended only for Rewards tracking and Coaching for posts, not for customer service or other concerns.

    Community Support

    The Elegantees Insiders group on Facebook is a great place to get inspired and squeal about the new released with other fans.  You'll also get exclusive inside scoops with peeks at upcoming designs as Founder Katie Martinez posts to the group.