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Get rewarded for posting on Facebook or Instagram about Elegantees. After 5 posts, you'll get to choose any top for $25, any tunic for $30, or any dress for $35. That's easy if you love making posts like this:

Post Requirements

You don't have to prove that your followers are making purchases, but there’s a few requirements for posts to be counted:
  • Mention @Elegantees, preferably in the first sentence of the caption.
  • Provide a link in caption. Linking to a product (do this by typing then the name of the design, example: is often best, but it's okay to include only
  • Each post has to get at least 5 likes or 5 comments to qualify. This will prove it’s a real post with enough reach.
  • Facebook and Instagram only. Max of 2 posts per week can be submitted.
Once your post has all the above, text a screenshot to Cathy at 347-735-3753 (the Insiders official number).

Ideas for Posts 

Cathy will recommend topics and links to post with a regular text update. But feel free to take the lead with things like:
  • You wearing elegantees
  • Uploading a photo from our site or reposting one of our posts
  • Sharing a link to a collection or product
  • Casual discussion

If you need more likes, text us and request tips that will help spark engagement.

Posts We Loved:



Do Instastories Count?

Yes, but the requirements are different:

IG Story Requirements: 
  • Tag us @elegantees, we may add your post to our story! The story must be unique from your posts on your feeds.
  • It is highly suggested to feature try-on sessions or selfies of your Elegantees outfit for IG stories.
  • Text us a screenshot of the IG story after 24 hours, which can be found in your Archives.
  • Max of one IG story per week can be submitted.

Text Us to Get Started!

Text a hello over so we can trade numbers (ours is 347-735-3753). If you’re concerned about privacy or feeling spammed, be assured that your cell number is private, no matter who may ask us for it, and there’s no pressure to reply to our occasional texts. 

This is a designated iPhone that you can text screenshots of your posts to. You can text them any time of the day since the phone is turned off during odd hours. We will pop in with texts from time to time. This phone is intended only for Rewards tracking and Coaching for posts, not for customer service or other concerns.

Community Support

The Elegantees Insiders group on Facebook is a great place to get inspired. You'll also get exclusive inside scoops from Founder Katie Martinez.