What is Human Trafficking?

When you think about sex trafficking, you think of developing nations in poverty. Unfortunately, it is not just an issue in developing nations. It is also an underground operation occurring in prosperous nations, motels and even on the very same streets we walk on a daily basis. Sex trafficking is an international issue that needs to be acknowledged and stopped.

Sex trafficking is an illegal, growing industry that is degrading women to the fullest extent. Traffickers utilize innocent women as mannequins. Dressing them in promiscuous clothing, girls as young as eight years old are stripped of their innocence and forced to sell their bodies to strange men multiple times a day. Torture and harsh punishments are given to those who rebel against their clients and those who do not meet a certain quota. Living in unknown territories, these innocent girls are trapped in a brothel out of fear, threats, and sometimes even drugs. In some cases, girls are given highly addictive drugs to make them obedient, to which these girls get highly dependent on and are sometimes the reason why they keep going back long after they are free.

Girls are manipulated into sex trafficking many times due to emotional inadequacies. Often a pimp will make a girl feel loved and understand her needs to bring her into complete trust of the pimp. Then things change as they are raped and abused and forced to make a certain amount of money every day. The women stay in their control because they are afraid they cannot live on their own without their shelter, food and water.

Human traffickers are not always using forced coercion to bring people into human trafficking. They are using hope to deceive them into thinking they will be accepted and taken care of. They are using drugs to get them addicted and dependent to get them returning to their pimps so they can get a fix. Drugs also will manipulate the mind to be more vulnerable to pornography and sex.

One of the shockers is that there are parents selling their own children for sex, intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes it is out of envy or wanting to make their daughter’s life more miserable then their own childhood. However, more often a parent is tricked into thinking they are giving their daughter a better life. Parents are told their children can have a job in the United States as nannies or get an education in a non-impoverished land. These parents do not know that they are actually sending off their children to be sold for sex, labor or their organs.

Rescuing girls and women from brothels is only half of the battle; we have to be able to impede these survivors from relapsing and returning back to brothels. With your help, we can take a step towards stopping sex trafficking. Whether it’s through wearing Elegantees or simply reporting tips to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, we can make a difference and speak up for these innocent victims. National Human Trafficking Resource Center  (888)-373-7888

Modern-day slavery has many forms. Here are just some of them:

  • Non-stop labor slavery such as mining diamonds in Africa, a sewing factory in Bangladesh, or an indentured housekeeper servant. 
  • Using humans as commodities for the use of mail order brides, surrogate pregnancies, organ transfers, and soldiers.
  • Profiting from sex such as pornography and prostitution. Forcing victims to get enough customers to exchange sex for cash every day. 

We've Made it our Mission to Fight, Protect, and Restore.

Human traffickers use fear, threats and blackmail, or force to get their way. They show no mercy and search relentlessly for vulnerable people and view them as a means of making lots of money. This makes us rightfully angry! Fighting to rescue, protect, and restore those in slavery has become our mission. Running a business isn't always fun and easy. It's a lot of late nights and sacrifices, but the reasons we do it motivate us to do our best.


Join Us in the Fight Against Modern-day Slavery!

Shop Elegantees.

We are an awesome brand with beautiful products. But is our price low enough for you? Yes, you can find similar items for less elsewhere, but you can know your purchase has a purpose with us. Elegantees was started to help women recover from the bondage of sex trafficking.  Once she's rescued, we offer sewing jobs as an opportunity to keep her far from the possibility of being trafficked again. Each order goes into employing more women rescued from trafficking to give a hope and a future to them. In providing sewing jobs, we can give a positive source of income that reinforces a healthy self-image. Our dream goes beyond sewing. After we break even, we will be a business that helps fund other organizations that are rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking.


You can Make a Difference!

It usually comes as a surprise to people that Elegantees is still a small company, but it's not stopping us to grow into a major player in the fashion and business world. Our dream is to grow to be a big company firmly rooted in wholesome fashion and advertising, as well as to help more victims of trafficking become survivors who become overcomers.