The Open Door

We gained new accounts and orders that require us to expand operations in Nepal.  With carryover profit from last year lower than usual, we're planting this new year with a mustard seed of faith.  God says that's all we need, today.

These things that seem impossible need prayer. 
For now, we see an open door.

The THEA french terry sheath dress

“It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”

- Mandy Hale

The TESSA gathered sleeve lightweight top
This fabric is transparent - a very first for us!  It isn't organic, and not made of natural fibers even.  But, sourced responsibly. The leftovers market has some gems like this.  Was it ethically produced? Probably not.  Was it leftover from a larger company's orders, left for waste? Yes.  This is one way we can make a bad thing turn around for good.


Chasing the light

Sita's story: I grew up in eastern Nepal and watched my mother's hardships. My father passed away when I was little, and my mother faced lots of trouble to raise us. We were just living day to day since it was impossible to go to school. I decided to go to India for a job. My mother wasn’t happy in my decision, but I wanted to wipe away her tears. While crossing the border, I was informed from Our Daughters of the risk of human trafficking in India. They suggested to me instead to join them in a safe home’s skill development training. I could then earn money safely. Our Daughters saved me from the risk of becoming sold to labor or sex traffickers, and they helped me to be an independent woman. I worked very hard and in some time, I completed the training for job skills like sewing. I now feel very happy with my life.


The SITA twist front tee

Every day we are thankful to be a part of this story, and it's because of each purchase you make. Jobs create dignity that isn't easily attained for women in the culture of Nepal. 


The WREN bishop sleeve lightweight duster



The MCKENNA pleated hi-low top

it never gets old when we invest in another sewing machine.
It's the best return for our company.

The LUNA gathered seam dress

 "This is the dress I have been waiting for! It is truly a worry-free dress, which is so great for a busy mom. The design is perfect: sleeves, a hemline below the knee, and good front and back coverage up top. Thank you for another gorgeous item!!!"
- Maureen, a loyal supporter