Femininity and adorning ourselves is what drew our creative team into fashion in the first place.
That longing shouldn't be ignored, and you shouldn't ignore it either.

Set in Old San, Juan Puerto Rico.  The joy of our models radiated through the colors of the city.


The BLAIRE statement ruffle tank

Make the style statement you love, and be socially-conscious.


The SYDNEY button front prairie midi dress

 The NICOLE dot-dash printed crossover back dress
Our manager at the sewing center is a determined man.  Over a year ago, he started his quest to try making prints.  He then found a local artist who knows how to block-print by hand.  We're finding our way with the goal of more job creation.

The IRIS grecian-inspired maxi dress

The MAGGIE double ruffle tie-front tank


Close to 85% of purchases in the $2.4 trillion fashion industry are one-time or two-time use purchases. We go into a store with the intention of, "I'm going to buy this quick fix. It's something that I want right now." The problem is we are never satisfied with "enough," and the spending addiction grows into a landfill of our fleeting emotions.

Impulse spending requires brands to provide clothing very cheaply. It fuels human trafficking and child exploitation. However, there is a more sustainable way to have self-expression. People and our planet can be treated with dignity.

The TERRA dot-dash printed tie-front shirt 
The LEIGH maxi gathered skirt with pockets  

The MARIAH adjustable fit-and-flare stripe dress


What is the secret to loving yourself? 
Knowing whose you are, and being adopted into a family. 
That love we receive builds up confidence, and allows us to love.

The ANNIE floral printed above-knee skirt


It's human to have fear, but let fear be momentary, and overcome it with faith.
Count all trials as joy, and anchor yourself in hope.