First, I have to share this from our label supplier in Thailand -

Thank you for your support in these troubling times. You are keeping our factory alive.  You are keeping us alive. 

I broke down. How something as simple as paying an invoice could lead to such hope? I then remembered this factory laid off most it's staff. With the shutdown of the global economy, millions of families in underdeveloped countries are still dying from starvation. How we spend our dollars can save lives.


Team meeting over Zoom.

I screen-captured a moment of celebration, but before I get into that, I confess there's something I've been doing wrong. I'm a bit embarrassed to go into details. 

Ramesh then said, “Our #1 goal for what we do is to support the overcomers of trafficking." Truly, our partners in Nepal have so much grace and willingness to forgive. This has me more motivated to make our company better.

Then the most beautiful moment was "more daughters are being hired at the sewing center"!

That was the celebratory moment - we are adding more talent and fighting human trafficking now.  It'll potentially multiply jobs again because increasing our productivity now will help us for sales pitches to retailers.


 On Monday, we released the Graceful Transition collection and donated all our profits from the day to the 10freedays campaign. Enough purchases came in to support 12 rescues in Nepal.  With an anonymous matching donor, that brings it to 24 girls that may be free!

On the daily, we create jobs for survivors and women at risk for human trafficking. But when we have events like this to also support rescues, it is another layer of rejoicing. Further proof that a huge difference can be made through the way we shop.



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