Did you know that I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa? I was unlikely to make it in the fashion industry in New York City. I didn't have good taste at first, and felt like an impostor. I laugh at this now because after 18 years of living in New York and gaining the experiences, I've got credible authority now. At the same time, I remain humble knowing there is room to learn, and that keeps us getting better.

It doesn't always feel like we're running a fashion company. We do things differently. I really like that!
 So what are we? When I talk about Elegantees to others, I radiate most with the plans for the nonprofit. That's been tugging at my heart. I'm also embracing my next role as one who delegates. This transition to step more away from the creative marketing, and more into the “factory planting" is steady.


As the city wraps up New York Fashion Week (that we didn't participate in), I've been reflecting on how the biggest New York designers didn't show this year. The consensus is they'd rather put their energy where they can reach their customer best. The digital online space is that. I still love a runway show though, but how to bridge the gap?

I desire to have Elegantees be a part of NYFW for September 2024! Hopefully by then, we'll have our nonprofit up and running, and we can throw a fashion show with a party to celebrate it all. I'd love to invite you.