It's been a week of product development. It's my favorite role in the business! When we grow into a larger team and delegate out different areas of the business, development is the one I will stay in!

Here's a glimpse of my phone's camera roll:


From sending sewing instruction videos, selecting colors for waffle knits, approving layouts for graphics, trying on fit samples and marking up patterns to perfect them, this type of work is my favorite!


For our latest collection, I wanted to show something that would be more inspiring. Our studio photos with the white backgrounds are great, but there's more beauty around us. Before the launch, I reached out to one of my creative friends. I knew our Parisian-inspired collection would be coming online, and she has the talent to create pretty lifestyle photos. She was 100% enthused! However, I didn't have any product photos to show her yet to plan outfits for the models. Lead time was the other fork in the road. We decided not to stress ourselves over it.

Lifestyle photos is a new goal. This means I have to get our collections ready a few extra weeks before they actually launch online. I can do it!


Having our collections prepared earlier has more benefits than the ability to have a prettier website. If you're in sales or marketing, you don't need an explanation. It's motivating me to work faster. Delightfully, I'm putting in overtime to be in my product development world more! Thankfully, it doesn't feel like work. Okay, now I'm back to work!!