We just took this photo at our a fitting, so let me introduce you! Skylar modeled for many years and casted about half our models. Roxy is a fashion student who is my intern this fall. I'm incredibly grateful for their generosity in giving their time.


Planning a fashion show during New York Fashion Week feels like planning a wedding! I'm delighted for the show to come, and eagerly awaiting the honeymoon when it's all over.

The last time Elegantees showed up during New York Fashion Week was 7 years ago. I was holding my one-year old the whole time because she was sick. When she threw up on me, I remained calm and changed my clothes. I then threw in the towel (pun intended). Being a new mom then made me realize that shows weren't important enough to keep them up. There is a season for everything….
So why now? More than ever, I feel a calling to do more in the world's fashion wholesale capital to amplify light! It's getting darker here, but there is hope that I long for New Yorkers to know about. 
This show will be about wearable fashion and the emotion of freedom. We've been putting our heart into the musical storytelling, the colors of the clothing, and the testimonials you'll hear.