My husband, Israel, has been involved in various way in Elegantees. All this time, he's wondered why we often leave men out of the mission. Time has been my reason, since developing products requires a lot of it. I also feel clueless in how to rally men into this fight against human trafficking.

I am seeing how we can work as a team though. Israel is telling other men and getting them eager to participate. It's inspirational to me. He may be the connection between my production expertise and igniting the fire of a man's soul to fight trafficking, protect the innocent, and restore lives.

Seeing the meaningful purpose is the thing about menswear that I love.



A lot of designing went in this week.

Israel and I took a sketchpad and color swatch book to our neighborhood cafe. We've been getting a lot into work.

The purpose behind the clothing is our fuel. Excited to share the menswear with you this fall!

Cheers, Katie

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