Have you heard the quote "You're not a failure until you give up"? I want to take that a step farther. We shouldn't just ride out the recession or whatever problems we face. We have to attack our opposition with a solid action. It's like getting on a scooter in Nepal - you have to be focused and ready to tackle oncoming traffic.


Lately I've noticed many online businesses are closing. A key reason for each one is they aren't bringing in enough cash flow to keep up.  I don't know of any that are currently outperforming their best years. I could reasonably blame our own slower pace on the economy. To see what is in my control though, I looked deeper and realized something.
The good news is the recession hasn't changed our conversion rate. For every 100 people that visit our website, 4 of them are still purchasing. What's happening though is the number of people who visit our website has dropped. Instagram has been hiding our posts from most our followers. The true obstacle for Elegantees – Not the economy, but how to break free from dependence on Facebook and Instagram. 


Suppose the recession is over in a month, we'll still have the problem of social media leads remaining lower than ever. So this upcoming week, I'll be meeting with an app developer to brainstorm how Elegantees can be free from Mark Zuckerberg's rules. 
I'm determined to get into a position where we can continue in our mission without downsizing it. Perhaps we can even come up with something that could increase our impact beyond our wildest dreams!