We could use your help to complete our biggest pivot yet!


In the past few years, due to COVID and other reasons, our work has felt less impactful than before. Our costs were up 50%, and math didn't make sense. I was discouraged that we weren’t adding additional seamstresses.

I went to Nepal to fix things, and my eyes were opened to a lot. I tried my best to get us to healthy finances, but there was a brick wall. The decision to close out a decade-long partnership came with a peace and leading from God.

We're rebuilding though!  The Nepalese women who sew Elegantees motivated me to start something new and different. I couldn’t toss all the hard work that not only I put in, but what they put in too! It feels like we're starting a business all over again. I know it will pay off, but we're at the end of the rebuilding process, and need some assistance. 

There's a way you can help!


Pre-pay for a clothing package to redeem anytime between now and the end of this year. These include shipping -- it's quite a deal!

Get any 2 items @$47.50 each, shipping included
Get any 4 items @$43.75 each, shipping included
Get any 7 items @$39.28 each, shipping included
Or be the designer


Elegantees has been rebuilding in another way as well. I see glimpses of what is to come. We'll start fresh with everything, including marketing. Our margins will increase, opening up a budget to attract new supporters. I still believe that job creation is an amazing tool for vulnerable women to overcome and be free forever! That core value drives our motivation.

We're already seeing the seamstresses stronger than before. Truly, we are overcoming!

Your support is deeply appreciated!
Love, Katie