Here's the latest - it's been a humbling season
As I see other businesses with similar models close their doors, it increases the possibility that ours could be next. I have not yet committed to Fall 2023. The biggest obstacle has been inflation. Compared to 2019, the cost to produce in Nepal has increased about 50%. All my dreams to re-acquire large retailer wholesale accounts have died. 


In a month, I'll be in Nepal to see our sewing center in action. For all the years I've longed to visit them, I imagined it'll be an epic week of business rejuvenation. However, I have felt so crushed by the challenges lately, that I don't know if that inspiration will kick in.  I'm looking forward to meeting the Nepalese people I've gotten to know over all these years. This at the very least will make the trip a beautiful one.


I'm also letting God be God because I see Elegantees as an asset of his kingdom. I will let him decide what is best for it's purpose, and for me as a beloved daughter.
 As I'm praying, I am not seeing a vision yet for Fall 2023 designs. I am resting though with the assurance that all the families supported by Elegantees (mine included) will be provided for. There's no business plan for that, but it is by faith on a far more solid rock.
Thinking of you today. I hope that whatever obstacles you are going through, you are also finding that assurance of protection and provision.