Our new collection was supposed to go live last week. We've been scrambling! Remember the college student I brought on for our photo shoots and editing? I was elated because she'd relieve me from working excess hours. It didn't go as planned. She couldn't keep up at the pace we needed, so we had a talk. I still think she's great, but the timing isn't right. 

That was it. Very suddenly, three weeks of editing time had to be caught up. I needed someone with time and the skill that could help. A friend in Nepal came to mind, and they did it!  We got some of the styles online now! I ended up being impressed with their responsiveness to learn our brand parameters. I am delegating this to my friend in Nepal for good.


We had little to post onto social media for weeks as the launch was delayed. Revenue was below our need. I felt very behind, and my pace was slow. While the new styles were published yesterday, I had no willpower to send an email or post onto social media about it. New product launches are usually a fun marathon of a day, but I didn't show up for the last lap of the race. This is burnout, right?

Writing Founder Fridays is one of my favorite things, but I've been sending every other Friday for the same reason. I'll need to get some other things fixed behind the scenes to make more time and energy. 


Most days I'm praying for the opportunity to do what's been on my heart: To start the nonprofit to cover the costs of and expand on skill training for survivors! 

I'm hopeful to get that chance when the other things are more automated without me. The nonprofit will be worthy of my time and attention. With how long it's taking though, I will certainly feel so much gratitude when the day does come.

God, keep humbling me, if it can make me a better servant.

All in His timing…