We had a good chuckle with a stranger on the internet. She complimented the name of our company, and she had to know if we were Brazilian. Her friends in Brazil use the word ‘elegantees’ when someone looks fancy. 
I now say ‘elegantees’ with a wannabe Brazilian accent. Oh, we are fancy!
Suddenly everything clicked. For many years, people use the #elegantees hashtag without being dressed in the brand.  Now I know they are not some fancy people who make typos. They are simply Brazilians living their best lives!


The very first slogan of Elegantees was ‘the marriage of elegant and tees.’ We've grown beyond tees only, but the name is still perfect. The name feels fancy (especially in Brazil). That's an elegantees dress, and that's an elegantees skirt, etc.

Did you know my first choice though was Modestees (modest tees)? I was a 23 year old at the time who wanted to dress cute and modestly. Modestees was already taken, but Elegantees turned out for the best. Apparently, we're not that modest. I've heard from some customers that husbands often think of the brand as an elegant tease. I'm glad we went with the fancier option.

Another example of an elegant tease coming online early next week: