Last Friday, I shared that a fabric order for Fall was being held up. Well, it got released yesterday! The team is already cutting and sewing together designs. We're grateful.


I've been learning. Looking back at last Fall, you may recall that our partnership with Nepal was uncertain. Costs increased too much. Any move to keep going felt very risky.

I waited, because it's what God told me to do. Waiting was contrary to what I normally did. For much of my career, I got all the things done in a timely matter. Or, I'd leap into things with faith that they'd work out. Choosing to wait though, when it comes to business, is still new for me! We survived because I waited. Later when I was in Nepal, I learned more things. It gave me clarity about the next steps. It was nothing that I could have imagined before.


chose to wait. I could have taken the risk to make samples we might not sew, or place a fabric order I couldn't yet afford, but I waited. When I look back, the peace was priceless. It didn't delay blessings, but waiting made blessings possible. 

I'd like to clarify that hard work and decisiveness is still important. We're still a get-it-done team. We move fast on sending adjustments to our sewing teams. We ship your orders in a timely matter. However, hard work doesn't apply to high-risk choices and how to choose commitments. Those needs wisdom and counsel because those decisions are often emotional. Helping people out of poverty needs good intentions to be pure, but wisdom to see it through. As for me, I want wisdom to guide us!

I have more confidence about the future of Elegantees. The aftermath of waiting was not regret, but a celebration. Everything on paper looks healthy. Our teams are more optimistic than ever. 

My experience in waiting changed my business values. Now whenever a bigger decision is in front of me, I take time to allow my brain to catch up to my heart. If you're faced with a risky decision right now, I'd like to encourage you to wait it out as long as possible. What's the rush?