I'm loving the Haven dress!

Human trafficking was deeply on my heart when I leaped into my own clothing line. It's become the injustice that helped me stay the course when I could have called it quits. This week I'm overwhelmed with hopeful tears because I'm seeing that through the help of others, we have potential to redeem more people.

This week in Orlando, a group of ladies gave their time and talent to put together a photo shoot for our upcoming campaign. Everyone looked so beautiful, and it was amazing. I'll share about one of the volunteers today. Her determination to make this shoot as good as possible was for the hope it would multiply our impact. She yearns for victims to be free and vulnerable people to be safe. 

I went from “I don't have the bandwidth to do it all” to “We are fighting for justice together.” I have more strength than ever.

As I write today, human trafficking is something I'm grieving today. My daughter reminded me of it without even knowing it.


My daughter often asks what jobs she can do for Elegantees to make a few bucks. I'm happy she desires to have a job, but she's not a teenager yet!

Her latest passion for making videos has been much more interesting. She plays with the CapCut editing app for fun on her iPad, and suggests she might as well do some for Elegantees too. I gave her a small video project to do. No pressure kind of thing, and it won't be a problem if she drops the ball. I forgot about it, but it's been swirling on her to-do list. Last night she said, “Mom is it OK if I don't do the video tonight?” 

Of course….she's just a kid. Then it dawned on me….


I could easily tell my child that she doesn't have to work. I prefer it so she can just be a kid.

But the reality is there's millions of children who ask that same question to their caretaker, and the answer is no. Some even younger than my daughter. The expectation is also daunting, often risking their lives. Children in extreme poverty and those in human trafficking have no choice.

This injustice breaks me. But with Elegantees, I've seen how the sewing work impacts people in the most positive of ways. One tangible thing we know is that for our seamstresses who are mothers, their children are in school.

All humans are worthy of dignity, and they are worth fighting for! As you also care deeply for those we're trying to help, I want to thank you for all your support. Bigger things are yet to come….