A preview of upcoming designs


Yesterday I walked into a mainstream fashion retailer and I couldn't believe my eyes. Tank tops going for $6 each. If we were to produce the same tank, it would cost more than that to make. What's wrong with this picture?


Globalization has transformed our mindset as consumers. We are distanced from the people who made a huge chuck of the items in our homes, harvested the food we eat, and made the clothes we wear. Most of it was made unjustly, if not with full-on human trafficking and child labor.
One in six people in the world work in the garment industry, about 1.5 billion people. 80 percent are women, and fewer than 2% make a living wage. 
That $6 tank top is a “steal.”


What if we can sell that same tank top for $26? More people would buy it, especially if they know they are supporting dignity instead of oppression. 
Before you get excited, we don't have a basic tank for $26 - yet anyway! However, it's my goal. Since getting back from Nepal, I've been diving into how to use globalization in a good way. Can it be done to allow the brands to win, and for the makers to win!? I'm learning what a good wage is, how efficient workers can be, and how to save fabric better. 
I believe a $26 tank is in our future.