We had bouts of illness run through our home, and it got me the worst. I haven't fully recovered, but wanted to update to ask for prayer for Elegantees. 

With a close to zero budget for things like photographers and Instagram posting, I've been trying a lot of amateurs that have potential. I like spending time to teach and mentor them. But, once they have gotten all the tools they need, they abandon the projects. Maybe I'd need a bigger budget?

So I tried to shoot in Nepal, and was feeling very hopeful about this. Cost of living is less there, making it budget-friendly. However, the clothes weren't portrayed with the best fit reference. The average height of women there is 5 ft and 0 inches, and we need to show most of the clothing on women 5'2" and above to best represent our customers. While this couldn't be a long term solution, we're looking forward to showing you how radiant our seamstresses looked when they modeled! 

While I was sick, I couldn't take off properly to rest. So much of the business relies on me. I was an emotional mess because of it. I did a lot of talking to God while sick. I told him that there are some things that don't bring me joy anymore, and I really dislike that I still have to do them. 

Enter mid-life crisis? Elegantees was more fun in my twenties when I did it for free. My efforts were driven only by wanting to help more survivors. There's more reasons than that now such as providing for my kids. It seems so different and mandatory now, like a job I guess.

I want to find the joy in it again. Maybe I can do more of what makes me smile. I wish to hand off what doesn't.

I've got to trust that God will take care of this. A friend suggested I recruit talent through the fashion college I graduated from. I'm going to do a few trials and hope I can fill this need sooner than later.

Running Elegantees so far this 2024 has been difficult. The days have been filled with more burdensome ones than hopeful and light days. I wanted to email you to ask you to help pray for me to find the person we need to help me. May the tasks that are a burden for me become transferred to a joy for someone else. I hope the right person can be appointed for this!