My intern called me the morning of the fashion show, “There’s a problem, but we’ve got a solution. A cup of tea got spilled onto the dresses.” I could sense some worry in the room, so I made some jokes to reassure it’s no biggie. The ladies spot-cleaned them with water, and it turned out beautifully.
This all happened last weekend when I was in Florida. We presented the Elegantees Spring '23 collection in a fashion show. The show was wonderful, and the best part was the community. A group of us gathered together to hang out and talk about our love for the clothing and mission. They moved me to tears as they spoke affirming words.
Through the tea-spilling incident, I saw how important teamwork is. These women want to play a role in the pivots, even the small ones. How cool that we can laugh along the way too?! I can count on them and you to keep the mission moving forward.