They say when you start a company, you do every role at first. Modeling was one of them, but it quickly became beneficial to have other women model. Today, I don't put myself on the roster intentionally (except for runway, that I loooove!).

It was last Friday and our model Christina got the flu. There were no subs available. Too late to cancel the studio booking, but I am the same size as Christina.  So our 19-year old assistant took the camera and I worked it! 


I recently had to shift some processes in our product development, and it's been putting more work on my plate. I'm pivoting back and forth between perfecting patterns and video editing, but it's not sustainable.

Every day for the past week, I've been on my phone after regular work hours to edit videos. Massive overtime hours is okay once in a while, but I have to change it to be sustainable. Being present at home is needed for my family. Also, taking daily time to be unplugged is for myself to have a restored mind the next morning.

Besides, if we are going to multiply this year, I need to be doing more CEO type things! Knowing this, I have asked this talented 19-year old to take my editing job so I can fire myself. She's over the moon, and it's exciting to see her thrive creatively. 

Officially, I'm fired from video editing. It feels amazing to know that next week, I'll be able to do homework with my kids, finish the dishes, and get to sleep at my normal time.
Have you been in a position before where you were drowning in overwhelm? Cut out something that isn't necessary for you. One thing that has helped me to see this storm before it got too deep is taking a day of rest every week. It's a time for me to do nothing. This consistent weekly day of nothing renews my mind. Can't recommend it enough!