Behind the scenes of a spring shoot

This has been a week of many things being simplified. I had to let go of some things that are dear to me, but I can see good come out of it. I'll share a few with you today.


There will be no runway show during New York Fashion Week. If you asked me a month ago, it was looking like an exciting yes - with someone to handle all the marketing as well! Suddenly though, it all got taken away. I had to accept it was a closed door, and the timing to pursue a show isn't now. 
But, a magazine!  I'll have more time to focus instead of something else I'd love to do. I want to print a magazine-like catalog that would go in the mail this fall. The marketing concept behind it is to reconnect with customers who haven't seen us on Instagram in years. It's pages will be for the reader to “inspire and restore hope.” 


My intern quit. A freshman at one of the fashion colleges here has been assisting me. She's needing to focus entirely on school though, so we had a chat. It was sad because we're actually friends now, and we'll see each other less. Thankfully, we'll still meet up for coffee!
But, I'm cherishing people more! Reflecting back, the people that have worked with me have usually stayed for a season of their lives, and then step into a new chapter. Everything is temporary, even the people in our lives who are more long-term (example: family). What kind of legacy will we leave? I hope to leave one that draws people closer to God. 
When things or people get taken away, there's something that is good for us. Hope this is encouraging to you today.