A supporter recently mentioned, “We all love the signatures on tags and notes we get with orders. It'd be lovely to return the gesture.”

If you've ordered Elegantees, you're familiar with the handwritten notes that we send. They are written by someone here in the States, but sometimes they are written by a seamstress from Nepal. The gratitude is genuine, and I'm emotional every time I see it. The last time I did a video call with the Nepal team, each of them shared with me how much they appreciate the job. This is all thanks to you!
It touched my heart to receive the request from a supporter to send a card back to Nepal. This was brought up in our Elegantees Insiders Facebook Group, and other women added that they'd like to do the same! I'd like to open it up to each of you as well.
I'll be travelling to Nepal in two months. I'll pack these notes in my suitcase, and deliver them for you.
Letters to Nepal
PO Box 55
Sherrill, IA 52073
When to send by? Sometimes the post office gets backed up as we approach Christmas, so aim to postmark your letter by Oct 15. If you're mailing from Canada, bump that up to sooner. In case we get a lot of notes, please send an envelope and not a package.