Have you noticed the quality of women's clothes isn't what it used to be? This topic is trending on TikTok as influencers are pulling out clothes from 20 years ago, still in good condition. Quality is trending, but it's also here to stay. 

When Elegantees started, I though I'd have to compete on price. I didn't want shady factories, so the solution was cheap fabrics. Most our first time customers didn't come back though! Switching to cotton was a better move than the synthetics that pilled, but it still wasn't the luscious feel that we have today. It took us years to find the Cotton jersey blend we have now.

Through our long-standing supplier in Nepal, our Cotton jersey gets leading reviews, so much that it is a pleasant surprise. Customers initially shop Elegantees to support the mission, but they come back because of the quality and fit.


Elegantees cost more than mainstream retailers. Quality is our main objective in the lives of our seamstresses, as well as a product you'll love for years to come. We want you to know and feel like you're getting your money's worth!  

A long term goal is to be competitive with both quality and price. The day will come when we'll make larger volume instead of small batches, and we will have more edge in the price arena.  For now, we couldn't be more proud! Our mission, quality, fit and style will last the test of time.